BALANCE is an online learning and training program for healthcare providers


The BALANCE program is designed to help healthcare providers feel more comfortable providing the best possible care for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. Engaging and interactive online modules feature videos of youth with ASD, parents of youth with ASD, and practicing healthcare providers, all sharing their experiences and expertise.

BALANCE goes beyond just providing information about ASD. It was designed using the most up to date evidence and the expertise of practicing healthcare providers and families of youth with ASD. It seeks to address the things that can either help or get in the way of healthcare providers creating the best possible experiences for youth with ASD. BALANCE includes information about ASD, demonstrations of providing care, activities to apply learning to practice, and goal setting. BALANCE also addresses additional barriers to care including interprofessional collaboration, assessment and communication skills, and dealing with difficult emotions. 

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The Collection

Balance Editions

  • BALANCE: Surgery Edition
  • BALANCE Tool Kit
  • BALANCE: Emergency Edition
  • BALANCE: Inpatient Care Edition

BALANCE: Surgery Edition

Includes Seven Interactive Online Modules

  • Introduction to BALANCE
  • Introduction to PACE Care
  • Autism and Child-Centred Strategies
  • Partnering with Families and Expressing Empathy
  • Supporting Your Needs
  • Interprofessional Collaboration and Coordination
  • Putting BALANCE into Practice


BALANCE: Surgery Edition is designed to be offered to all staff who have contact with youth with ASD on the day of surgery. This can include nurses, child life specialists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, residents, volunteers, admission clerks and housekeeping staff. Each unit will identify BALANCE “Champions” who will help with BALANCE implementation and be a resource for other staff members. Modules are designed to be engaging and interactive. They include videos from youth with ASD, their families, and their healthcare providers.


The BALANCE Tool Kit includes

Take a SEC tool

  • Provides guidance on how to assess for sensory, emotional and communication needs
  • Provides recommendations for care modifications to meet these needs

Checkmark Icon

  • A prompt to let staff know to consult the Take a SEC checklist before meeting the youth and family

Visual Schedules

  • Pictures of key events on the day of surgery to facilitate communication
  • First, Then, Then template

Autism Friendly Pin

Coping supplies: Headphones, Sunglasses, Sensory toys

BALANCE: Emergency Edition

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BALANCE: Inpatient Care Edition

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